Client comments...

I am amazed at all that I learned about myself (and others) through the many exercises.  The exercises weren’t just information or tools to learn for the future but experiences I will treasure for what they gave to me and created in me.  In these two weeks, I witnessed the creation of a cohesive, confident team of activists committed to non-violence no matter what!  

I have no doubt that I leave here a changed person and that this training will be a part of me and be used for the rest of my life.

         ~ Christie Grapentine, participant in two-week intensive training in conflict transformation Asheville, North Carolina ~

The Health Equity session was extremely powerful and left a lot of people talking (in the hallways, in their cars, in the staff room, in the kitchen, in the offices)!!! That’s a HUGE outcome that can be measured by the engagement of staff today… and is amazing since the conversations were long overdue!!  Thank you!

         ~ Diversity and Equity Officer of an Ontario Community Health Centre ~



Partera News:

Betting on us losing:  Pimping our Most Vulnerable

Dear Matt Galloway, host of CBC Radio's Metro Morning, Toronto
Re: your interview with Ontario Lottery & Gaming staff about their launch of an online gambling site:

Years ago I did a contract for Senator Lois Wilson with respect to a piece of gambling legislation that would have permitted the loosening of gambling restrictions on ships (if I recall correctly).  I learned more than I ever wanted to learn about gambling, examining the experience of high gambling jurisdictions in the United States (Las Vegas and Atlantic City) and connecting with a U.S. Senator who had concentrated a high percentage of his office budget on research and staffing around issues related to gambling.  Very interesting stuff. 

My conclusions after all of that research and writing...

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What's on your mind, eh?
OR Finding the right gift for the Tory on your list

I am on Facebook; What's on my mind? it asks. Well, I am reading three books at the moment: Naomi Klein's stunning This Changes Everything, Michael Harris' brilliant Party of One and Thomas Picketty's Aha! moment, Capital in the Twenty-first Century. I like this kind of stuff so much that I bought both the hard-covers AND the talking-book versions of each of these doorstops. I am wondering what this says about me (for example: my taste in bedtime reading and the possibility that any claim to poverty is dubious). Hmmm... I am not sure. 

I do know that when I was driving my fossil fuel-fuelled vehicle home from the post office where I deposited my Christmas-and-other-sorts-of-greetings cards and appeals, I had to pull over when Naomi Klein's talking-book Yankee doppelganger told me that Louisiana shrimp fisherfolk put out of business by BP were offered, by BP, the opportunity to renovate their boats into cleaners, you know, to boom and collect and dispose of BP's crap. They accepted the offer, well, because, nobody else was offering anything else. 

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Welcome to Partera! 

It means midwife, in Spanish. But there are no babies delivered here. Other things, however. Change. Solutions and resolutions. Plans. Tools. Whether equipping for working well together, living well, planning your organisation's future directions or intervening for the purpose of building and creating peaceful societies, the methods employed by Partera assume the wisdom and inherent strength of the participants in any process towards change.

So, come on in. Partera is part of a global network of trainers and facilitators with a wealth of experience and expertise. Visit our links, browse through the articles and gallery. Read and comment on our blog posts. Participate in the work as a contract partner, a donor, an intern or contributing writer.

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What You Honour Tonight

In November of 2010, Lee McKenna was awarded the YMCA Peace Medallion in recognition of her peacemaking work in war zones.  Her acceptance speech provides a snapshot of her work.  The script can be read here.

Lee McKenna YMCA Peace Medallion

'Taking our fear for a walk'
Confronting Global Crises:  A Non-violent Perspective

In November, 2011, Toronto was the site of a conference entitled 'Confronting Global Crises'.  Lee McKenna presented the closing keynote address on the topic of the importance of critical consciousness - for both accurate analysis and fear-dismantling - in the confronting of multiple and overlapping global crises.  The script can be read here