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Colour-coded: Decolonising Hearts, Minds & Spirits

When:   Friday 21 April 5:30 – 9:00 p.m., Saturday 22 April
9:00 – 4:30 p.m.
Where:  Cummer Avenue United Church, 53 Cummer Avenue,
Cost:      $60, which includes 3 meals; pay what you can option available

Xenophobia, racism, Islamophobia, anti-immigrant sentiments – is it getting worse or has it always been this way? what used to be, at least for the privileged amongst us, mostly hidden but now mainstreaming at an alarming rate?  Are right-wing populist abd resurgent white supremacist movements giving permission to throw out the niceties, exposing what for many has been part of daily life and, for others, mostly unseen and unheard? 

You’re invited to a workshop, a Friday evening and Saturday gathering of people to talk about these things, to tell and listen to stories and learn new skills.  The event will appeal to people from a church background – acknowledging that Christians have work to do – but is not limited to church types.  

Using the tools of popular education, experiential learning and Christian liturgy, we will meet one another and ourselves. Rather than issue-based, the training will focus on story-telling and skills that will help us to answer question such as:  what does this mean in the context of the national convulsion that was the Truth & Reconciliation Commission and its 94 Calls to Action?  What does this all mean in the context of police brutality against racialised youth and adults and the response that is Black Lives Matter?  How do we respond to the Québec City massacre of Muslims at worship? Where do I locate myself in these narratives?  What do they mean to me and my vocation as activist/ally? What actions can I take? 

Facilitators are:  the Rev’d Michael Blair, Executive Minister, Church in Mission, United Church of Canada, Elder Renée Hill-Thomas, Turtle Clan, of the Six Nations of the Grand River Territory and member of Nations Uniting, as well as the Rev'd LeeAnn McKenna, Executive Director of Partera International. The Executive Director of the Baptist Peace Fellowship of North America, the Rev’d LeDayne McLeese Polaski, will be participating, as well.

Note: Please open the above documents with Adobe Acrobat Reader. NOTE:  Due to technical issues, the form once downloaded and filled out will not be sendable by e-mail. Until this is fixed, please e-mail info@partera.ca with your registration information; plan to pay at the door.  Many thanks and apologies!
Adobe Acrobat Reader can be downloaded here.


Practising Kindfulness:

You are invited to explore well-being and self-understanding through mindfulness and meditation in this five-day retreat grounded in the MBSR (Mindfulness-based Stress Relief) programme.

It will inform and include practice in meditation, mindful reflection and awareness of the body through group and individual activity with time to relax in the beauty of a rural setting.

Away from busyness, come home to yourself and access inner quiet. Everyone will come away with a token to remember to Practise Kindfulness.

Whether new to meditation or looking to deepen a practice, everyone benefits from practising mindfulness and kindfulness and integrating them into daily life.

The cost is six days/five nights $550 + dana or three days/two nights $350 + dana.

For registration or more information: sharonedavison@gmail.com.

The rural setting is the Hub & Hearth, situated on the upper edge of the Hockley Valley, where you can enjoy walking the trails and the labyrinth, greet the morning or the stars from the healing waters of the hot tub, gather around the firepit, relax on the swings or the hammocks. 

You are welcome here.

675335 Hurontario Street, Mono Township. Ontario