Facilitation, Training and Planning

Facilitation and Training in Facilitation

Facilitation reflects its roots in the Latin word for easy: it makes things easier, asks questions, assists, sums up, connects the dots, draws together the learnings, provides grease for the wheels of learning, suggests conclusions, structures, directions, plans and a way forward. Partera offers facilitation for a wide variety of situations:

  • Meeting moderation or conversation mediation: when you need a third party, get the most of the conversation.
  • Conflict resolution: resolving conflict by equipping a staff team or board with the tools to resolve conflict and understand one’s own and the other’s style of creating/resolving conflict.
  • Board governance design appropriate to the organisation and situation: getting to GO – preparing the groundwork for an effective organisation.
  • Support and advice to leadership steering organisations or communities through change: understanding the impediments and facilitators of change, getting the change you want, being the change you want to see.
  • Government relations and advocacy: finding the common ground with legislators and bureaucrats on which to build your case, gain a hearing, and effect change.

Partera also offers training in faciliation:  what are the tricks of the trade? What makes for good faciliation? Participants will learn the techniques and skills that set good facilitation above the crowd.


Planning for the future of an organisation or company, planning and adjusting for transition/change or restructuring in a way that facilitates adaptation to new challenges requires careful observation of the contemporary environment and resources, creative community engagement, a thorough elicitation of partner/ stakeholder input, care for an institution’s cultural makeup, a clarity of vision and leadership ready to risk. 

Partera uses the best methods of adult education - which assume that those preparing for their future, for change, for new strategic directions already have a good idea of where they want to go.  An effective process of planning - and policy development that issues from that process - requires facilitation that supports the players, makes room for a diversity of opinion, a comprehensive assessment of the options and strong knowledge of the governance, planning and policy environment.  

Partera provides experienced services in:

  • Strategic planning that enables an organisation to move forward into the future with confidence and clarity on its goals and the methods for and the route to accomplishing those goals.  
  • Change management that identifies, assesses and takes into account the culture or cultures of an organisation and harnesses those diversities for effective and visionary change.


Partera offers training, education and workshops on a number of topics and in a number of formats:  two-hour evenings or a series, one-day/two-day, weekend, intensive week-long, for small groups, work or practice teams, a board of directors or large groups or classes.

The topics include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Cultural competence / anti-oppression, radical inclusion: what is it? Why does it matter? How do we get there? 
  • Popular Economics: Making sense of dollars and cents: turning ourselves into agents of change in the local chapter of a global story of inequity and injustice.
  • Citizenship Forum: Making democracy real through education and civic engagement; laying the groundwork for non-violent direct action, advocacy.
  • Workshop design: Turning your training (conflict resolution, health equity, cultural competence, building better teams, board governance, etc.) into a tool for your organisation’s ongoing use.

Also see Conflict Resolution and Non-violence section for further details on trainings in non-violent direct action, economic literacy: becoming agents of change in a changing economy, media literacy, design-your-own workshops/trainings.