How You Can Participate

1. Colour-coded registration payment 

 Go here to pay your $60.00, which includes three meals: Friday dinner, Saturday light
 breakfast and lunch.

 OR pay at the door with a cheque made out to Partera Peacebuilders International.

 OR if you are going for the PWYC (pay what you can) option, we'll accept at the door cash
 in the amount you can pay.

2.  As a PARTNER for A Specific Project:

  • Choose a particular project for your one-time or ongoing support for the duration of that project.  Your donation will help to ensure full funding for our exciting projects in South India, Northeast India, South Sudan/Uganda and the Philippines.

Women's Actions for Non-violence $25__  $50__  $100__ (Sept'16-Mar'18)
Bikers for Peace
                   $70_  $180_  $220_ or  $__ (May'15-May '17)
Keeping Girls in School:           $25_   $50_   $100_  or $__  (Oct'15-Oct'17)
Turning Enemies into Friends: $25_  $50_  $100_ or $__  (Oct'15-Mar'17)

      with either PAY PAL or Cheques (see below):  Scroll down to see our         Donors' Honour Roll!)

  • Regular monthly donations of $10 or $25 or $35 - $99.00 per month will add your name to our online list (below) of PARTERA'S PEACEMAKER SUSTAINERS.  You will receive Partera's bi-monthly newsletter and a Partera token of our thanks for your sustaining support! 
  • Regular monthly donations of $100 or more will add your name to our online list of PARTERA'S PEACEMAKER CHAMPIONS.  You will also receive Partera's bi-monthly newsletter as well as a token of our thanks.
  • Click Donate and you can use PayPal to make a safe, secure and automatic recurring donation.
  • Cheques: Make it out to Partera Peacebuilders International and send to:
    6753353 Hurontario Street
    Mono Township, Ontario L9V 0Z9

  • If you would like a tax receipt, please send an e-mail to and we'll tell you how to do so.

4. Through our Christmas Catalogue

Select a gift to purchase for friends, family colleagues. 

  • Support for Refugees
  • Keeping Girls in Schools
  • Peace Tour on Bikes
  • Training in Conflict Transformation

**  Let us know who is the 'recipient' of this gift, their mailing/e-mail address and we will send them an e-/card letting them know about your generous gift - with our thanks!

You can either send a personal cheque made payable to Partera Peacebuilders International to:
            Partera International
            675335 Hurontario Street
            Mono Township, Ontario L9V 0Z9


(ii) online using Paypal at Donate  Please let us know the name of the person in whose name your are making your donation and we will send them a card letting them know - with our thanks!

If you would like a tax receipt, please send an e-mail to and we'll tell you how to do so. 

In the United States, our project partner is the Baptist Peace Fellowship of North America. Please
send your cheques, including a memo line indicating 'Partera Peacebuilders International work', to:

300 Hawthorne Lane
Charlotte, North Carolina 28204

5. As an Intern or Apprentice

The building of this work requires the training of new trainers and a multiplication of the skills across organisations and societies. Participants in trainings and actions and workshops that are designed to be replicated through the Training of Trainers (ToT) model will be equipped to reproduce what they have learned in other settings and will be invited to advance those skills in subsequent trainings, actions and workshops. Qualified candidates will be invited to apply for an internship that will involve accompaniment in trainings in conflict zones or other locations. Please write to  for more information.

5. As a PURCHASER of services

Please see Partera’s extensive list of services. Alternately, you can work with Partera to design your own workshop or training to suit your or your organisation's needs and purposes. For more information, please write: .

6. As a PARTICIPANT in trainings or workshops

Please register, sign up or, for more information, write: .


Partera DONORS Roll of Honour


Owen and Morgan Purchase, Tottenham, Ontario
Gillian Purchase, Toronto, Ontario
Emily Purchase, Tottenham, Ontario
John Rook, Calgary, Alberta
David & Vicki McKenna, Belmont, Ontario
Joan & Rob Congdon, Sault Ste Marie, Ontario
Bloordale United Church, Toronto
Ronnie Kaplansky, Toronto, Ontario
Ken and Jenny Ranney, Peterborough, Ontario
Rick Wallace, Toronto, Ontario
Rick & Cherry Whitaker, Pictou, Nova Scotia
Sue and Mike Basek, Nelson, British Columbia
Victoria Buchy, Toronto, Ontario
Karen Hilliker, London, Ontario
Martha Gale, Florida
Janis Alton, Mississauga


Brian & Debby Cauch-McIntosh, Toronto, Ontario
Sandy Taccone and Wendy Scott, Newark, Delaware
Chris & Carolyn Grapentine, Ypsilanti, Michigan
Jeffery Cottam, Mono Township, Ontario
Monica & Alain Blais, Kitchener, Ontario