Vision, Mission and Values

Vision Statement

Partera’s Vision is large:  A world where peace and non-violence are considered first in the related tasks of repairing breaches, personal, corporate and social, and restoring streets and towns and countries in which we can all live. What we envision is not something we can do or create alone but to which we can contribute.

Mission Statement

Our Mission is to put into play wherever and whenever possible the tools of peace, right relationships and social change – working to bring into being renewed communities, organisations, workplaces, societies. 

Partera brings a unique toolbox to support the notion that non-violence is not just a solution to civil and international conflicts but a way of life, of living, of being.

Our partners in that Mission include anyone who wants to figure out how to quit avoiding conflict and turn it into an opportunity for growth and self-understanding; anyone who wants to work more effectively, live more consciously, communicate more clearly, be a better facilitator, a better activist, a better teacher, leader, colleague, parent, friend – and have a lot of fun doing it. 

Values Statement

Partera, its organisation and its work, is grounded in a commitment to the integrity of creation and to non-violent engagement with the earth and its peoples.   Partera works with human beings in places of change and yearning and conflict – from the boardroom to the classroom, the kitchen to the commons, the battleground to the playground on the conviction that conflict is part of being human, that the energy of conflict can be transformed into the energy of personal and social change; that peace is the harvest of justice and right relations.

Thriving communities of life and work are characterised by the absence of racism, sexism, homophobia and other forms of discrimination related to class, religion, status, culture and sexual identity and orientation; by the presence of a clarity of vision, a commitment to flexibility and mutuality, to nourishing creativity, right relations, awareness of self and of the other, of interest, motivation and needs.  The staff and board of Partera are people of Christian faith committed to working with all people of all faiths who share a vision of what Martin Luther King Jr called the Beloved Community.

The organisation is committed to:

  • non-violence as an end in and of itself and as the key path to creating and maintaining workplaces, communities, societies and states enabled to live and function creatively and justly;
  • anti-oppression and ways of being, interacting and working with people that are anti-oppressive;
  • interactive learning with peoples of all races, creeds, sexual identity, classes, cultures;
  • a methodology that is popular, elicitive and experiential, that assumes the inherent and lived wisdom of the participants;
  • the provision of training and educational space that is safe for persons of all sexual identities and orientations;
  • fostering, supporting, accompanying dissent in times and places of oppression;
  • an ongoing and never-ending process of building critical consciousness, self- and mutual-evaluation and critique.

Here you will find resources for building and strengthening human community wherever human beings are found. Thriving communities of life and work are characterised by a clarity of vision, a commitment to flexibility and mutuality, to nourishing creativity, right relations, awareness of self and of the other, of interest, motivation and needs.

Partera brings decades of experience in facilitation, mediation and third-party non-violent intervention in a host of situations around the world on four continents. The goal is change, the right kind of change, well-being, flourishing persons, flourishing institutions, peace. The methods are popular, experiential, elicitive and didactic.

Whether equipping for living well or intervening for the purposes of creating and building peaceful societies, Partera assumes the wisdom and inherent strength of participants in any process towards change.

Partera International is founded on more than twenty years of experience along three streams:

Facilitation & TrainingConflict Resolution/Transformation & Non-violencePolicy, Research & Writing
  • Collaborative Communication
  • Appreciative Inquiry
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Community Engagement
  • Cultural Competency/ anti-oppression
  • Strategic Planning
  • Organisational Development
  • Mediation
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Workshop Design
  • Project Evaluation
  • Third-party Non-violent Intervention (TPNI)
  • Non-violent direction action (NVDA)
  • Conflict Transformation (CT)
  • Economic/Political Literacy
  • Paedagogy of the Privileged
  • Gender and Violence
  • Alternative Masculinities
  • The Schoolyard Bully Project
  • Mediation
  • Human Rights Monitoring/Reporting
  • Interfaith CT
  • Advocacy
  • Media Literacy
  • Political Economics
  • Academic Research
  • Media Literacy
  • War and Peace in Christian Thought
  • Why we Kill

See Services for more detail on each.