Policy, Research and Writing

Policy, Research and Writing
Political Economics
Academic and Technical Research

Action towards change is grounded in reflection, research and critical consciousness. See below for a sample of published writing and unpublished research.

Partera writing and research draw on a strong foundation on an array of topics and issues: gender and development, health care, health equity and anti-oppression, racism and xenophobia, peacemaking, taxation policy, economic literacy and critical consciousness, conflict transformation, militarisation.

Partera can take the knowledge and insights gained in training in conflict resolution or governance or health equity or cultural competency and turn it into policy to provide future guidance in the organisation or to advance an initiative in need of the solid grounding provided by education and policy-building.

Sample Published Writing, Unpublished Research and Submissions

‘On the Right Path – But Not Far Enough: Responding to Bill 179: An Act to amend various Acts related to regulated health professions and certain other Act’, Association of Ontario Health Centres, October 2010.

‘Journey through Poverty: Moving forward with community-governed primary health care’, Association of Ontario Health Centres, February 2009.

‘Response to Bill 152: Breaking the Cycle: Ontario’s Poverty Reduction Strategy’, Association of Ontario Health Centres, March 2009.

‘Every Door and the Community Health Centre Model of Care: A Dynamic Synergy Response to the Discussion Paper Every Door is the Right Door: Toward a ten-year Mental Health and Addiction Strategy, Association of Ontario Health Centres, September 2009.

‘Iraq: Closed up, Sold Out and Globalised’, The Baptist Peacemaker. Charlotte, North Carolina: BPFNA, Winter 2003. Report on a visit to Iraq; post-war conditions in Iraq.

‘Posing Questions to Economics’; ‘Peacemaking, Economics and Jubilee’; ‘The Experience Economy’, PeaceWork. Charlotte, North Carolina: BPFNA. Vols 3, 4, 2002. Making the connections between economics and war-making.

‘NGO Forum Position Paper’. Toronto, Ontario: Canadian Race Relations Foundation, Feb. 2001. Submission of the CRRF to the NGO Parallel Forum, World Conference Against Racism, Racial Discrimination, Xenophobia and Related Intolerance, Durban, South Africa, August 2001.

‘Towards the World Conference against Racism’, Ontario Regional Preparatory Committee Meeting, October 2000; internet publication: Human Rights Internet; speech to participants in the regional preparatory committee meeting on how to prepare for the United Nations context and the World Conference Against Racism, Durban, South Africa, August 2001.

‘Beyond the Rhetoric: Making Indivisibility Real’. Toronto, Ontario: Low Income Families Together, December 1999. Submission to the Canadian Human Rights Act Review Panel.

‘Report of the Third Experts’ Meeting on the Methodology of the Work of the Special Rapporteur on Violence Against Women, Its Causes and Consequences’ / ‘Rapport de la réunion d’experts des ONG consacrée à la méthode de travail du Rapporteur spécial sur la violence à l’égard des femmes, ses causes et ses conséquences’. Montréal, Québec: International Centre for Human Rights and Democratic Development, March 1999. Twenty-four page booklet.

‘What Does the Lord Require of Us?’ Justice Ministries, The Presbyterian Church in Canada, June 1997. Adult learner study and guide on taxation and social policy in Canada and based on my 38-page report to the Presbyterian General Assembly, June 1996.

‘The Right to Development: Why Human Rights and Development need to pay attention’, Au Courant. Ottawa: Canadian Council for International Co-operation, Winter issue, 1995-1996.

‘The Culture of Cain and the Experience Economy’, Broyhill Lecture for the School of Business and Community Sciences, Mars Hill University, Mars Hill, North Carolina, August 2000.

‘Going Upriver: A Theology of Healing and the Politics of Health Care’, report to the 1997 General Assembly, Justice Ministries, Presbyterian Church Canada, April 1997.